Mike Conrad
 Paintings and drawings of Upper Norwood

Photo Gallery
Belvedere Road (oil)

MIKE CONRAD b 1933 Knights Hill SE19

Mike Conrad started drawing house of Upper Norwood in the 70’s when a significant number of Victorian villas were being demolished. The first building Mike drew was St. Valery which then had a fine glass canopy from the front door to the street. The canopy is long gone , but fortunately St. Valery still stands.

As well as pencil and pen and ink studies Mike paints in water colour, but has found working outside that pastels are more user friendly. In the last year he has changed to oil painting since the introduction of water soluble oil paint. Mike’s paintings can be viewed at the “Small Gallery” SE19 by appointment, please phone 020 8653 5206.

Mike is a founder member of the CPCA and designer of the book ”Crystal Palace Norwood heights”. Cards of Mike’s drawings and paintings are on sale exclusively at the Upper Norwood Joint Library and contribute to library funds.

Currently Mike is working on a series of paintings of Sarnano in the Le Marche region of Italy where his son and family have a villa they have converted.

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